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( Aug. 16th, 2009 05:47 pm)
Had to go ask to be let in to the main house to check my electricity meter for the first time in 28432947 years. We have a criminal in the building! I was met and let in by the most textbook But He Was Always So Quiet, Kept To Himself, I Can't Understand It young man I've ever actually seen outside a TV show :x You know, I'm not bothered by serial killers, I just didn't realise we had one here. Bless him♥ He was a very nice sort of serial killer - I'm not sure he's even started yet, to be honest, he may just have been looking things up online or hacking at a Sunday joint to take the edge off, but it's not like I don't always know :)

And now I have taken another bookcase apart, and intend to reward myself with Hispanic and Chinese. :x


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