Well, today is grim. :/

I am not allowed to just crawl back home in a heap and cry all day. I have got to go to work. I am not allowed to use other people's stuff to hurt myself with because I need a haircut. WTF, hormones. Enough already.

Nnnnngh. Bad day is bad. Every noise, every thing has me on the edge of screaming. But I have to go to work, and do work at work, because my boss is back next week. God I just want to stab myself, it would solve so many problems right now.
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From: [personal profile] oldscratch

You've been there for me and all that shit going on, I can take it. I'm strong enough for it. If I got a little extra strength and hope to offer why not, right?

Somewhere decent.......I guess I can accomdate that. ;)


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