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Birthdate:Jun 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
It's time to introduce herself
She's dethroned
Like some lonesome dusty book upon his shelf

I don't know. I'll put something here at some point. You guys know me anyway.

I've had several journal names, but I was getting tired of the last one, and it's no longer 100% accurate, and. I always wanted to be called Troy. It's a long story.

There's a dragon in my garage. He's not liable to bother you, though.

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a bug! in my face!, all your national trust bollocks, and all you know, and how you speak, and then - a frolic!, and we have a library so life's not all bad, baby now you do, baroness of holmeshire, beagles in the night, beauty is terror, best spatula, blackhart, block operas, dali!, derek no, do a bromance, do something, doesn't every boy smoke to cry?, don't have fun, ducklings, easter parade, everything was made of food, exclusive coupons from boots, fuck this stupid shit and fuck rocks, glorious fucking headfuck thing, glowstick of destiny, happiest drag queen ever, heck if i know, hello i'm shelley duvall, how do we communist revolution, hugo's the one who set you up, i have exactly the same hip-hop feeling as you, i see a light! it's stardom!, i see a rhinoceros, in debt with chickens, is that what you know?, it's not a ghost it's my broken heart, jeremy irons thinks he's the pope, john watson does not listen to banjos, la bella venezia, laziest assassins, lighten up morrissey, lydiaaaa, mark's kitchen of horrors, meowmeow, moping at the bronze, nothing flakes with air instead of milk, oh god what did you do, oh no a cat, peace with anything, poor-lumperer-hay-bag-war, postman or postbox?, ravenclaws don't shoot fridges, red in my ledger, sahara mahala, see you space cowboy, serpent charmer, seven devils in your house, show me your hand says the magician man, so mote it bed, some kind of science, station quiet station still, that's totally a cow, the bellwether revivals, the count in love, the cow we never had, the gay apartment block, the juicebox conspiracy, the top drawer is always pants, the-springtime-of-his-voodoo, there aren't enough fucking gay dudes around, what is this cake of balls, what up little bathroom, witches before bitches, with or without you, you're emily koll
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